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Training reports

participants in the training

These are the icebikers who participate in our training.

Dr.K Dr.K

Dr.K is sprinter. He is good at flat. He won several races in the category of senior and he's now racing in the top category of Hokkaido (S-1). He limits his racing activity only in Hokkaido.

He's plastic surgeon knowing well about cycling, so you might see him in international races as oficial race doctor. He participates in our training from Sapporo.
Mr.Takahashi Mr.Takahashi

Mr.Takahashi is good at flat, climb and downhill. He has no weak point. He belongs to the Team Otaru AC which is one of the strongest teams in Hokkaido. He is one of the best athletes in Hokkaido. He participates in our training from Otaru.
Cairn Cairn

Cairn belongs to the team Kinan CCD which is one of the best teams in Japan. He is the best climber among us. He's really good at very steep climb that all other participants dislike as he weighs not much. His best record of the Mt.Moiwa mountain climbing is better than the official route record. However, he is not good at flat, descent and climb which isn't steep. Therefore, his field is limited to races in which routes consist of solely steep climb.

He runs business of cycling tour. He also organises snow cycling tours as business. He participates in our training from Sapporo.
Tesseract K (Tesseract)

K's specialty is time trial. He is not good at climb and downhill. He used to race in a satellite team of an Italian professional team. He quit cycling 17 years ago and he rarely goes cycling at present days.

He works as doctor and also medical interpreter (French, English, Italian - Japanese) for international bike races.

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